I completed my undergraduate studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Bilkent University in Turkey in 2009 with an exchange year at the Electrical Engineering Department of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I did a summer research project in 2008 where I investigated the thermal properties of phantom liquids for MRI safety measurements at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) under the supervision of Dr. Roger Luechinger, Prof. Firat Duru, and Prof. Peter Boesiger.

I received my M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering at ETH Zurich in 2011 and during my master’s studies I worked on cardiac MRI as my semester project under the guidance of Dr. Christian Stoeck and Prof. Sebastian Kozerke. I worked with Dr. Anke Henning for my master’s thesis where I learned about 1H MR Spectroscopy. In June 2016, I obtained my PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Chris Boesch in Biomedical Engineering at University of Bern with my thesis entitled “Development and Application of non-invasive MR spectroscopy methods for studies of insulin resistance in humans” and gained experience in 31P and 13C MR Spectroscopy. Since September 2016, I have been a post-doctoral researcher in Dr. David Nordsletten’s group at King’s College London working on Cardiac MR Elastography.

Research Interests

My primary research is method development including MR sequence programming for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Elastography (cMRE), which helps to measure the myocardial stiffness values. This technique uses an actuator that provides acoustic waves to penetrate in the body and an MR sequence that is sensitive to the motion of the waves. I was also responsible for the software development of the “gravitational transducer” which is the device producing the acoustic waves for all applications.