The Cardio Biomechanics Lab started at King’s College London in 2010. In the early years, our focus was on cardiac biomechanics and patient-specific modeling from magnetic resonance imaging. In particular, we emphasized the personalization of mechanical models from imaging data for studying diseases in the heart. As the complex function of the heart relies on biomechanics, hemodynamics, perfusion, electrophysiology and mechanics, our team coordinated the development of CHeart – a multi-physics finite element code that captures these core physical phenomena.

Understanding the power of both biomechanics and imaging, we explored new avenues for leveraging these technologies. We began new projects examining the application of magnetic resonance elastography (a noninvasive imaging technique capable of mapping stiffness in the human body) to the liver, breast, brain and heart. We also further developed techniques for physics-based image analysis of phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging, providing maps of pressure through the heart and cardiovascular system.

In 2019, the Cardio Biomechanics Lab started at a new chapter at the University of Michigan – with new collaborative projects with radiology, cardiac surgery, cardiology and biomedical engineering.

Research Focus

Our lab focuses on the biomechanics and hemodynamics of the heart and cardiovascular system, with particular emphasis on the interface between mechanics and imaging. Current projects in the lab include: 

  • Patient-specific modeling of tissue biomechanics with emphasis on Desmoplakin Cardiomyopathy and mitral valve prolapse,
  • Patient-specific modeling of hemodynamics with emphasis on mitral regurgitation, aortic root enlargement, TAVR and valve-in-valve procedures, and aortic dissection,
  • Image-based relative pressure mapping,
  • Growth and Remodeling (and reverse remodeling) in the heart,
  • Tissue-specific modeling of engineered heart tissues,
  • Viscoelasticity and modeling of myocardial and arterial tissues.

Our Group

The CBL is made up of a mix of researchers with varied research backgrounds. Some of us come for mathematics, engineering (varying disciplines), and biomedical engineering. This is reflective of modern science, which is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, relying on the talents and expertise across fields. We are also an international group, having students and postdocs from across the world.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our group values inclusion of anyone and everyone who is passionate about biomechanics, mathematics, engineering and imaging. As an international group with widely varying life experiences, we feel strongly that our collective diversity helps us better inform ourselves and our scientific endeavors!

More Information

For more information about CBL or to express interest in joining our team, email Prof Nordsletten (nordslet at umich dot edu).