John Sayut

I found that my favorite classes were biology and physics back in high school in Florida. I started undergrad far away at the University of Notre Dame, and I decided to get a BS in Mechanical Engineering and try my hand at research in biomechanics. I really enjoy learning how solid mechanical modeling can give insight to disease and treatment, and I like to develop and share specific engineering knowledge, so I decided to go to graduate school here at UM. I’m pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Scientific Computing, and I am a recipient of the NSF-GRFP. When I’m not in the lab, I like to go to the gym, watch college (American) football, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors here in Michigan.

Research Interests

I am specifically interested in researching how we can use solid mechanics and computational modeling to study cardiovascular diseases and interventions. Right now, I am working to model a fibrotic patient’s heart using cardiovascular imaging and patient-specific pressure and volume data, along with what we know about how the heart’s biomechanical properties change during disease. Throughout my PhD, I plan to apply patient-specific modeling to discover what the heart’s function, dysfunction, and adaptation each tell us about the best way to treat heart pathologies.