Chloe Liu

I am a third-year undergraduate student from New York, currently studying Biomedical Engineering on the pre-health track at the University of Michigan. My interests in healthcare and patient interaction are deeply rooted in my familial background and environment, as my parents work in the healthcare industry and I have had multiple encounters with healthcare professionals. In high school, I was able to confirm my growing interest in physiology and anatomy through my courses and volunteer service while exploring my interests in robotics and computer science. From these experiences formed my passion in biomedical engineering and my goals to improve medical care and knowledge through technological advancements.

In my freshman year I was able to shadow a variety of professionals in the cardiovascular department at Michigan Medicine, including cardiac surgeons, social workers, and PCTU physicians. These experiences developed my interest in the cardiovascular field and improving interventional and surgical care. I joined the Cardio Biomechanics Lab in the summer after my sophomore year hoping to gain more experience in applying my computational skills to medical research. So far, I have been using computational modelling to study the impact of LVAD implantation on cardiac hemodynamics.

Outside of my academic pursuits, I enjoy dancing, rock climbing, and visiting new restaurants and cafes around Ann Arbor.