1999-2005MSc Computer Science. University of Valencia. Spain
2008-2009BSc Telecommunications. University of Valencia. Spain
2007-2011DPhil in Computer Science, University of Valencia. Spain. Title: Performance improvements of interactive Crowd Simulations.

CHeart Development

I’ve been involved in the integration and scalability analysis of different libraries for solving linear systems of equations resulting from the FEM formulation and resolution of the multi-physics models implemented in CHeart. I also developed GPU implementations of cardiac electromechanical models. In this line, I developed a GPU-based implementation of the electrophysiology part involving ODE solvers and cellular models for simulating the electrical activation of the heart. I also developed a GPU-based implementation of cardiac mechanics. After analysing the execution time profile of a CPU mechanics implementation, the relevant parts were migrated to the GPU. This work constituted the first GPU implementation of cardiac electromechanics models and showed the potential of this architecture for accelerating these simulations in a clinical context.

Related Publications

Toward GPGPU accelerated human electromechanical cardiac simulations (2013)