I am a Ph.D. candidate in Oliver Röhrle’s lab for Continuum Biomechanics and Mechanobiology at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.   In my Ph.D. project, I focus on the development of a parallel-in-time solver for fluid-structure interaction problems in cardiac applications, in collaboration with David Nordsletten (King’s College London, UK; University of Michigan, USA), Jacob Schroder (University of New Mexico, USA) and Rob Falgout (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA).   Within this project, we employ the multigrid-reduction-in-time (MGRIT) algorithm to efficiently solve partial differential equations in the areas of fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, reaction-diffusion systems, and others. We investigate the convergence speed of MGRIT for single- and multiphysics problems; both in numerical experiments and by developing convergence theory for the true multilevel case. We further work on variants of MGRIT, that are specifically designed to improve convergence for hyperbolic partial differential equations.  

Research interests

  • coupled multiphysics problems
  • fluid-structure interaction algorithms
  • fluid-structure interaction experiments
  • parallel-in-time integration, multigrid-reduction-in-time
  • multilevel convergence analysis
  • applications in skeletal muscle modeling and cardiac biomechanics

  How I contribute to CHeart:

  • Parallel-in-time integration using multigrid-reduction-in-time
  • Time integration schemes for solid mechanics
  • Gitlab support
  • Build framework
  • Test framework
  • Doxygen documentation
  • Paraview support

  Open-source projects that I contribute to: – OpenCMISS-iron – XBraidXBraid-convergence-est – FSIViewer   Follow my research: – University of Stuttgart – Researchgate – LinkedIn – Orcid